Anime #5

Manga ( Japanese : comic ) is a word used by Japanese people for comic books . It is drawn with anime drawing art and read from right to left. Drawings are more exaggerated than anime. The first known use of the manga word is based on the 1770s . 19th century word specifically along the tree blocks located cartoon on, especially Hokusai Katsushika ‘s 1819 ‘, published on the students and drafts drawn itself for the use of, was used to name their drawings and cartoons. Hokusai drafts two Chinese manga “consisting of a combination of the characters” uncommon “(carefree, irrelevant) and” picture ga “(picture).
The manga also influenced comic strips of countries neighboring Japan such as China , Hong Kong , Taiwan (” manhua “) and South Korea (” manhwa “).
Japan is largely influenced by China in terms of religion and culture . With the adoption of Buddhism in Japan as a new and powerful religion, especially in the 6th and 7th centuries , it brought together the construction of Buddhist temples and wall paintings. A wide variety of cartoons were made on the walls of the Toshodoji and Horyuiji temples in Nara’s urban area and behind the ceiling on animals and people.
Nowadays, the best-known stories of Japanese comics are narrative comics. For the first time, they were published in serial in comic book magazines and later in books. All of them all reach thousands of pages long.

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