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Comics, a painted story, a story in pictures. Comics combines features of such types of art as literature and visual arts. There are many different names for this art form and its individual varieties. Scale comics with a cross-cutting plot are called graphic novels (they are also graphic novels), short ones are strips . The web hosts web comics.

In some countries with developed industry of painted stories for them has its own name. So, in the French-speaking world comics are called fr. bande dessinée (hand-drawn tape) or BD, Japanese comics are called manga . In Russian, some authors suggest using the term “painted stories”.

There are many definitions of the comics, but all of them, on the whole, boil down to the fact that the comic is a series of images in which a story is told. According to most researchers, comics are the unity of narrative and visual action. Scott McCloud , author of ” The essence of the comic strip ” ( . English Understanding comics ), offers a concise definition of ‘successive images, “and more complete -” related drawings and other images in the sense sequence “. Georges Sadoul defines comics as “stories in pictures”.

In comics, there is not necessarily a text, there are also “dumb” comics with an intuitive plot (for example, ” Arzak ” by Jean Giraud). But most often the direct speech in the comic is transmitted with the help of a phylacter – a “verbal bubble”, which is usually depicted as a cloud emanating from the mouth, or, in the case of images of thoughts, from the character’s head. The author’s words are usually placed above or below the comic book frames.

Comics can be any and according to the literary genre, and the style of drawing. In the form of comics, even the works of the classics of literature are adapted. But historically, the most common genres of comics are adventures and caricatures . This stereotype has long spoiled the reputation of comic books.

The picture in the comic has a certain amount of convention. It is simplified for the speed of drawing and the convenience of perception and identification of the reader with the character .

Comic books vary in volume from short “strips” of several (usually three) images to voluminous graphic novels and serials from a variety of issues.

The comic book is closely related to cinema, and especially with animation. As McCloud notes all the same, “Film on film is a very slow comic. The space for a comic strip means the same as the time for a film ” [1] . In English, the word “cartoon” – “caricature” can denote both comics and cartoons. In fact, almost all Japanese cartoons ” anime ” are a screen version of the Japanese comic books ” manga “.

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