Adventure Literature

Adventure Literature

Adventure literature (also an adventure novel , from the French. Aventure ) is a genre of the novel , formed in the middle of the XIX century on the wave of romanticism and neo-romanticism with their characteristic desire to escape from the philistine everyday life to the world of exoticism and heroism. A Broader Sense with In, one’s CAN speak of the Existence of a special genre of adventurous, or adventure literature , the which is a distinguished by a division of Sharp Into The characters heroes and Villains, “the rapid development of the action, the fickleness and the sharpness of the plot of situations, an exaggeration of Experiences, Motives of abduction and persecution of, secrets file and Riddles ” . of The task of adventure literature is not SO much to lecture, or an analyze the describe reality, as with the to entertain the reader .

Sub-genres of Adventure Literature

The 19th century were plutonic , gothic and historical novels ( Walter Scott , Fenimore Cooper , Victor Hugo ). Romantic of masters Such neo-romantic and prose, such as Alexander Dumas in France and RL Stevenson in Great Britain, made a notable contribution to the development of the genre . First the At, historical adventure stories (of The the Three Musketeers , Queen by Margot ) and social adventure storiesfrom modern life (The Count of Monte Cristo , Paris Mysteries ).

This is the “golden age” of the adventure genre, which has been broken down into several subspecies:

Colonial novels by J. Conrad (” Lord Jim “, ” Heart of Darkness “), R. Haggard (books about Allan Quatermain ), P. Loti , L. Bussenar , L. Jacolio , P. Benoit, and others.
Books on the Treasure Hunts (The Golden Beetle by Edgar Allan Poe , Treasure Island by RL Stevenson , The Mines of the King Solomon , by GR Haggard , The Diamond Stealers , by Louis Bussenard ).
The Sea Novel by G. Melville and F. Marrieta .
Novels about pirates : “ The Treasure Island ” by RL Stevenson, “ Pirates of the Gulf of Mexico ” by V. Riva Palacio , “Robbers of the Seas” by Louis Jacolio , “ Odyssey of Captain Blood ” by R. Sabatini , “The Elusive Corsair ( Fr. ) ” Paul d ‘Iwua .
Robinsonade – stories about uninhabited islands ( ” the Coral Island ” by R. The Ballantyne ) and ” Children of the Jungle ” ( Mowgli from “of The Jungle Book” by R. The the Kipling , Tarzan from the cycle of works by E. the Burroughs ).
The 16th – 18th centuries. (“The Captain Fracassus ” by Theophile Gautier , “The Scarlet Primrose ” by Emma Orzi , a cycle of novels about Chevalier de Pardayan ).
Novels Rouritan , the action of which takes place in modern, but fictional countries of Central Europe ( ” Prince Otto ” Stevenson, ” Captive Zenda ” E. Hope )
Novels about Indians ( TM M. Reed , G. Emar , Karl May, and others.)
Books about animals ( J. London , JO Curwood , E. Seton-Thompson , R. Kipling ).
Criminal sensation novels on the themes of murder, adultery , substitution of children, etc. (“ The Mystery of Edwin Drood ” by C. Dickens , “The Moonstone ” by W. Collins ).
Boulevard novels (products of Xavier de Montepene and Gaston Leroux , ” Petersburg Slums ” Sun. Krestovsky ).
Novels about superheroes ( Rocambol Ponson du Terrail ) and brilliant criminals ( Arsene Lupine Maurice Leblanc , Fantomas Marcel Allen and Pierre Souvestre , Fu Manchu Sachs Romer , Arthur Raffles ).
Spy novels (“ Kim ” by R. Kipling , “39 Steps” by J. Bucken , later – J. Fleming ‘s novels about James Bond ).

The occult novels of George Sand , Theophilus Gautier and Bulwer-Lytton ; Many horror stories are also imbued with mysticism ( Bram Stoker ).
The One of the will most popular the authors the who wrote in the adventure genre of, Jules Verne The , the laid-the Foundations of science ™ fiction Book , Although of He Created quite a FEW Traditional adventure novels ( ” Around the World in 80 The Days “, ” Children of Captain by Grant “). Arthur Conan Doyle , one of the founders of the detective genre , also wrote the story of the adventures of the Brigadier Gerard during the Napoleonic Wars .

Adventure novels, especially colonial, were in demand before Russia. Their translations were published shortly after their origin, In Soviet Russia , A. Green , V. Kaverin , A. Tolstoy , G. Adamov , A. Rybakov worked in the adventure genre . The Adventure Library series was published .

The middle of By the 20th century, detectives and classic fantasy adventure supplant novels from the mainstream of mass literature . Comic books with an adventure storyline ( Tintin , Corto Maltese , etc.) are widely used . Of contemporary adventure Examples literature include Dan Brown ‘s crypto-detective novels about Professor Langdon and Patrick O’Brien ‘ s sea novels about Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin .

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