Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art is art criticism comic by Scott McCloud , telling about comics as a full-fledged and independent form of art . The book provides a deep and objective analysis of the nature, techniques, perception and cultural features of the comic book, shows the diversity of this art form, describes the differences between Western and Asian drawn stories.

Book Topics

The main themes of the book:

Definitions, history and potential of the comic;
Visual images, infographics and effects;
Reader involvement and participation;
The word is a picture. Dynamics;
Time and movement in the comic;
Psychology of styles, lines and colors;
Comics and art process;
The concepts and ideas presented by the author are applied in various fields (including game design, animation, website development, interface design). Finds, patterns and theses of the book will be interesting and useful not only to those who draw comics, but also to representatives of other creative professions: cinema, television, painting, graphics, art history and communication technologies in general.

The work has been translated into 16 languages. In Russian, the book was published in 2016 by the publishing house “White Apple”.


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Harvey Prize
Eisner Prize
Alph’art Prize
New York Times shortlist “The Most Popular Books of 1994”

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