History of Comics in Russia

History of Comics in Russia

History of comics in Russia – information about the development of the art of drawing Explosional drawing stories ( comics ) in the Russian Empire , and the USSR, and the Russian Federation , arranged in chronological order.

Life Icon

Prerequisites for comic culture in Russia appear even in pre-Petrine times. Advertisers Select Similar to the comics and infographics at the same time, the of the type of image is Observed in the living icons : the central image (the median) the contains the image of the saint, and in small images Along the Edges (stamps) Episodes of a His life: are Presented in order. Inscriptions with explanatory text accompany each stamp. It has been noted that it has been placed on the lower field of the lower field.Other living icons are for the world of life . . They may have a different “reading” order. The 13th century as the first living icons .


It was a Russian textbook , accompanied by text. Even then, the artists used a “bubble” to fit them . It was often difficult to read and contained errors. It is an integral part of the picture .

Plots for lubok became fairy tales, works of art. At the end of the 19th century, they were published in millions of copies . After the 1917 revolution, it was decided that it was the genre that it was a genre .
Researchers uniquely considerthat splint is the direct ancestor of the genre of comics .


Another predecessor of the comics is a caricature or a combination of several drawings in one. It is a phylacter (bubble, cloud, bubble) . Small comics printed in newspapers and magazines in Soviet times were considered cartoons.

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