Andrei Petrovich Sapozhnikov

Andrei Petrovich Sapozhnikov

Andrei Petrovich Sapozhnikov ( 1795 – 1855 ) – amateur artist; valid state councilor . Author of the study of drawing drawing. Being promoted to officer in 1811, he was in the service of the engineering corps. He attended the drawing classes of the Academy of Arts for a long time , and in his free time he was engaged in writing historical paintings and portraits. In 1830 he received the management of his own drawing of Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich , supervised its art publications, and in the same year, being already a colonel-engineer, was elected to the “honorary free associates” of the Academy of Arts. In 1834 he compiled the “Initial Course of Drawing” and presented it to the Academy, together with samples (models and plaster), for distribution to students during exams. In the same year he painted pictures to Krylov’s fables .

In 1844 he was appointed “chief mentor-observer of drawing and drawing” in military schools.

One of the first he was engaged in the use of electroforming to make copies from engraved boards. Together with F.I. Pryanishnikov, he published the Old Testament in 86 essays from Agin’s drawings engraved by K. Afanasyev (1846) and Suits of All Nations in Lithographic Drawings.

Since the founding of the Society for the Encouragement of Artists has been its treasurer; he was entrusted with the supervision of the pensioners of this institution.


Of the paintings Sapozhnikova known:

” Prometheus , chained to a rock and tormented by an eagle” (1830) – in the academic museum;
“Bacchanalia” – in F.I. Pryanishnikov;
a copy of the painting “The Battle of Poltava” – in the engineering department.
From his etching works are known:

Griffing; a large board in the middle with a well-finished head of a goddess in a helmet;
53 pictures engraved almost with a sketch, strong vodka; with them a book with the text of Dahl : “The Adventures of Christiane Hristianovich Violdamura.” The writing of V. Lugansky;
Atlas of zoology, 52 pictures. (SPb. 1847);
92 contour pictures to Krylov’s fables. (SPb .: Ed. Smirdin, 1834);
14 lithographed sheets for Olenin’s brochure: “An experience about clothes, weapons, morals, customs, and the degree of enlightenment of the Slavs from the time of Trajan and the Russian princes to the Tatar invasion. Period one. Lithographed from the paintings of F. G. Solntsev ;
Engraving essay, amazon woman, in growth; behind his quiver, in his right hand ax, on which the figure rests.

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