Murzilka Magazine

Murzilka Magazine

Murzilka magazine is a popular Soviet, then Russian monthly children’s literary and art magazine. Published since May 16, 1924 . Addressed to children from 6 to 12 years. He was the organ of the Central Committee.the the All-of Union Leninist Young Communist League and the Central Council of the the All-Union Lenin View Blog Pioneer’s Organization . As of 2017, it is being published by the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications . Editor in Chief – Tatyana Androsenko . Awarded the Order Badge of Honor (1974)

Characters of Murzilka

The end of At the 19th century, Canadian artist and writer Palmer Cox (1840-1924) invented tiny Brownie men and began to make a series of drawings about their extraordinary adventures. The text also belonged to the artist. “The Brownies” appeared in the magazine “Wide Awake”. These figures were seen by publishers from st. Petersburg (Partnership MO Wolf) and decided to print them. Text to Them of The WAS Written by Russian writer Anna Khvolson. .In 1887, a girl with a tiled ted In 1889, it was published as a separate book. Stories by A. Khvolson with 182 drawings of Cox. ” “ Adventures … ”reprinted in 1898, 1902 and 1915. In a red dressing coat Silk top hat and stilettes with long noses, with an elegant cane.

Journal of the era of the USSR

May 16, 1924 in the USSR “Murzilka” . It was impossible to leave the man with the character, and Fedorov-Davydov turned into a pooch. He was an animal, he was an animal, he was a animal, he was a animal, Bugs mother- a His of He WAS Presented by Gerasim by mechanic to a His son is . The puppy disappeared from the pages of the magazine.In July 1937, the 7th issue of Murzilka with Emergency Report was released: “Murzilka was finally found. He caught the artist Aminadav Kanevsky and dragged to the editor. AT the cover the Look – there you see the will of Murzilkin portrait ” . It is a beret on the shoulder.

In 1927 – 1928, Murzilkina Gazeta was also published under the magazine.

In 1955, at the Soyuzmultfilm film studio, Murzilka turned into a miniature correspondent boy , whose adventures were in the late 1950s and early 1960s. In 1964, in the poem by S. Marshak “The Adventures of Murzilka” (“I decided to write about the new Murzilka …”) the image of Murzil- “midget” goes back This is a book that has been mentioned in the book “The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends” . Murzilka continues to be portrayed as a yellow animal, without explaining its species.

Such as Writers Samuel Marshak (as a children’s poet), Sergei Mikhalkov , Elena Blaginina , Boris Zakhoder , Agnia Barto , Nikolay Nosov began their creative career in the journal .

In 1977 – 1983, the journal Be published a detective mysterious story ” Twelve Agents of Yabeda-Koryabeda ” (with a a sequel) about Yabedu-Koryabeda and ITS agents, and in 1979 – sci-fi dreams “Traveling back and forth” (author and artist – A. Semenov ). Subsequently, A. Semenov created a number of comics with Murzilka and Yabeda-Koryabeda, including that of the late 1980s.

Since 1992

In the early 1990s, Anna Khvolson’s pre-revolutionary books , in particular, “The Kingdom of Babies. Adventures Murzilki and forest men ” . Some editions The text was translated into modern spelling.

In 2011, the magazine WAS the listed in the the Guinness Book of Records . It was recognized as a publication for children with the longest life .

In the XXI century “Murzilka” – full-color glossy publication. Literature for children; it contains entertaining, educational, developmental tabs.

On December 11, 2014, the Editorial Discussion Board of Murzilka magazine WAS Awarded the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the media field in 2014 for preserving the best traditions of Russian children ‘s literature, a great contribution to the education of the younger generation and in connection with the 90th anniversary of the magazine .

Of The journal publishes writers Yakov Akim , Vladislav Bakhrevsky , Mikhail Grozovsky, Sergey Kozlov , Yuri Kushak , Viktor Lunin, Sergey Mikhalkov , Svyatoslav Sakharnov , Irina Tokmakova , Mikhail Yasnov , Leonid is Yakhnin , as with the a well as with the Olga Alyonkina, Sergey Belorusets, Sergey Georgiev , Marina Druzhinin, Galina Dyadina, Igor Zhukov, Vitaly Zlotnikov , Mikhail Leroev, Masha Lukashkina, Sergey Oleksyak, Anastasia Orlova, Igor Sukhin, Andrey Usachev , Elena Yakhnitskaya.

The magazine’s special rubrics are by Ekaterina Allenova (“Murzilki Art Gallery”), Viktor Kologriv (“Murzilki” Red Book), Irina Sokovnya (“Let’s Talk a Heart”), Oleg Tikhomirov (“Travel and Discoveries”).

Character Screenings

1926 – How Murzilka writes back correctly (not preserved, dir. Nikolai Khodataev)
1934 – Murzilka in Africa
1956 – The Adventures of Murzilka
1957 – Again the two
1960 – Murzilka and the Giant
1960 – Murzilka on satellite

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