The Adventures of Murzilka

The Adventures of Murzilka

“The Adventures of Murzilka. Issue 1 ” – the Soviet animated film , created in 1956 year directors, animators Boris Stepantseva and Eugene Raikovski . The first cartoon about the adventures of the special correspondent Murzilki.

The plot

The fabulous journalist Murzilka, being on vacation, receives from the chief editor of the magazine where he works a telegram “Lightning”, in which Murzilka is commissioned to make a photo portrait of a good boy or child-inventor for the cover of a new issue. Murzilka urgently takes a “forest taxi” in the form of a beetle and arrives on it in Moscow .

In Moscow, Murzilka accidentally observes an apartment in the window, where ordinary schoolboy Peter lives. At first, Petya made a very good impression on Murzilka — he listened to his mother, was polite, turned out to be an inventor, for which his mother promised him a surprise — and Murzilka immediately photographed him.
But, going out on the street, the boy changed dramatically – suddenly turned into a hooligan. Murzilka photographed all his deeds – how he scoffed at the cat, pulled the girls by the pigtails in the park, smoked, and the worst thing – shot a slingshot at the birdhouse until Murzilka could not save the birds.

When the next day, Petya woke up, it turned out that the subscription to the magazine “Murzilka”, a fresh issue of which the boy received , was a surprise . Opening the magazine, Petya saw his photo in the form of an “exemplary boy” – “Petya is at home”. But when he turned the page, he together with his mother saw photos of all his “exploits”, made by Murzilka – “And he is such on the street.”

The editor-in-chief thanked the correspondent Murzilka for the work done and emphasized his originality: the seal must not only celebrate the good, but also expose the bad!


Script writers: Oleg Erberg , A. Karanov, Nikolay Erdman
Directors: Yevgeny Raikovsky , Boris Stepantsev
Composer – Yuri Levitin
Production Designer – Anatoly Savchenko
Operators: Ekaterina Rizo, N. Sokolova
Sound engineer: Boris Filchikov
Artists-animators: Fedor Khitruk , Vadim Dolgikh, Viktor Likhachev, Faina Epifanova , Tatyana Fedorova, Tatyana Taranovich.


Appearance Murzilki shown in the cartoon, is completely different from the appearance, which appeared in the magazine “Murzilka” . The search for the image of Murzilka special correspondent – a serial type that became the hero of a series of four animated films about his adventures (“The Adventures of Murzilka”, “ Again Deuce Two ”, “ Murzilka on Satellite ”, “ Murzilka and the Giant ”) began at the Soyuzmultfilm studio in the middle 1950s. An inter-studio competition was announced, which in 1955 was won by the artist Anatoly Savchenko , who defined the image of a small correspondent. This cartoon was released on VHS by Soyuz-VIDEO in the 1990s, re-released on DVD by the same company in the 2000s.

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