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21-06-2020, 13:55

Shihai no Kyoudan / 支配の教壇

Japanese Games
Shihai no Kyoudan / 支配の教壇
Type:Visual Novel
Original title:支配の教壇
Release date:2018/06/29
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

The hero who was suspended due to innocent crime by the selfish circumstances of the school.
For the hero who was a student with a bad behavior, it was a pain that did not hurt or itchy,
A female teacher "Hanamori Kotomi" who regret that he could not protect him would appeal to make a remuneration to the hero.
In the heart of the hero who received it, the dark black and drunken flame of drunkenness lives -

The hero has an appeal which is not provided to girls students of the same age as before from the past,
I had bad feelings to the girls' teachers in the school and burned my desire to give way.
Looking at a great opportunity to make that wish come, the main character attaches to the weakness of Kotomi and gives an obscene order to her ... ...
From this moment, a female teacher training drama that dyed the textbook with cloudiness began curtaining.
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