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21-06-2020, 13:59

Shin! Ryoujoku Battle Royale / 真!凌辱バトル・ロワイヤル

Japanese Games
Shin! Ryoujoku Battle Royale / 真!凌辱バトル・ロワイヤル
Type:Visual Novel
Original title:真!凌辱バトル・ロワイヤル
Release date:2012/04/27
Censorship:There is a distribution of the game
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

Once defeated, female, freedom can be treated as slaves of exclusive meat!
Good good well beaten to human punching bag, even to the outlet of animalism!

· If you lose even once the end of life, but the ultimate sudden death!
Roll ~Tsu win win win, white women survivors on the ground as the king of cheeky! !

· The erotic element in the battle!
The more hard! The more violently!

Heroine is brought back, rape freely in his room!
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