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1-08-2020, 15:09

Saibiyaku ~Miseijuku na Shoujo o Hatsujou Saseru Kusuri~ / 催淫薬 ~未成熟な少女を発情させるクスリ~

Japanese Games
Saibiyaku ~Miseijuku na Shoujo o Hatsujou Saseru Kusuri~ / 催淫薬 ~未成熟な少女を発情させるクスリ~
Type:Visual Novel
Original title:催淫薬 ~未成熟な少女を発情させるクスリ~
Release date:2016/08/19
Censorship:Is in the game
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

Unattractive and trapped in his career, and company man turns to drugs.
Not on himself, but on high school girls.
The drug is "hypnodisia", inducing estrum in girls who sate their lust on his c * ck.
They can resist, but the instant effect of the drug makes orgasmic slaves of the pretty girls. Who knew this sort of life was possible...
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