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Interact Play

Japanese Games
Interact Play
Release date:2000/11/02
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows
Interact Play

The game is divided into several stages for each character. First, you must remain unnoticed by the girl before you follow her on the train. Then you begin to molest her (touching her breasts, lifting her skirt, etc.). Each physical action is performed by hovering the mouse over the corresponding parts of the body. On the screen you will see a strip of "ecstasy" and "resistance". Your goal is to raise the level of "ecstasy" as high as possible. As soon as the strip of "ecstasy" is full, you have the opportunity to remove from the girl one part of her wardrobe. You must undress the girl before she reaches her stop. In the end, you will be with her in a secluded place, where sex will take place.
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